Power and Majesty – A moving book on Africa’s beloved Elephants

Larry began taking pictures at age 5 on a little camera he received for Christmas. Along the way, he developed his unique eye on the streets of San Francisco recording city life, and, later working as a photojournalist for an Oakland, California newspaper. His career in the movie industry on both sides of the camera […]

African Rock Python – One of the largest snake species on the planet

Hatching at a length of 2 ft and growing in excess of 20 ft (6 meters) the African rock python is Africa’s largest snake and one of the five largest snakes on the planet.  It is up there in size with the green anaconda, the reticulated python, the Burmese python and the amethystine python or […]

LECHWE – ‘Where the water meets the sky’

We typically don’t associate antelope with wetlands, but the black lechwe, one of three living subspecies of lechwe, are found nowhere else in the world, but in the Bangweulu swamp, and more specifically, the Bangweulu Game Management Area (GMA) in northern Zambia. Bangweulu translates to ‘where the water sky meets the sky’. Similar to other […]

Eland is dutch for Elk

When Dutch explorers settled the Province of the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th Century, they encountered a beast that reminded them of the largest member of the deer family—the moose. Since Europeans typically refer to moose as “elk”, the beast, a large antelope, was bestowed the name “eland”. Eland is Dutch for elk. […]

Who manages Zambia’s wildlife populations?

From its inception, the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has been expected to generate its own revenue, and has done so through consumptive tourism. This includes the hunting and harvesting of wildlife, which is largely conducted by safari hunters in Zambia’s Game Management Areas (GMA’s) and on unfenced hunting ranches. Special licenses and hunting by Zambian […]