The world is losing its wild places and corporations are taking over most Safari camps. Our small family owned and run photographic Safari bush camp, is one of the few independent camps left.  South Luangwa National Park is one of the last of the wild places left and that is true for the Nsefu Sector.

We pride ourselves on answering only to our clients and local authorities for how we run our camp. Set in an amazing location, Zikomo Safari is one of a kind. We are a family that fell in love with being around Wildlife. We saw the Safari camps we stayed at as tourists as one of the main reasons Wildlife still exists in the wild.

We built Zikomo Safari from the ground up in the Nsefu Sector.  You do not get to pick your land. You are given an area by the local Chief (in our case Senior Chief Nsefu) and where the land we were “given” was in a hunting concession, we fought for 5 years for the right to stay and open a photographic safari camp. Most of this was made possible by our son Demian. Without his bravery and perseverance, we would not be here today.

Zikomo Safari incorporates everything we liked about the camps we stayed in as tourists and leaves out what we didn’t care for. Since location is everything, Zikomo has one of the best. We hope you decide to come and see what we have.