One of the biggest assets of any camp are its guides. A guide is equal parts; knowledge of mammals, birds, flora and fauna, knowledge of local culture and tradition, mechanic, and an entertainer who keeps guests comfortable, safe and learning.

Guides in South Luangwa are known as some of the best trained and most professional in Africa.

The Nsefu area is a part of the park that takes years to know well.

Our guides spend 6-8 hours each day with our guests. We feel happy that our guests are with such excellent professionals.

Josephine Phiri


Josephine Phiri is a professional grade one (1) safari guide. She possess a first aid certificate, computer system engineering certificate, grade two (2) guiding certificate, and grade one (1) walking safari guiding certificate.

She has 9 years’ experience as a safari guide in South Luangwa and has worked for a number of safari lodges in south Luangwa national park before joining us. She is a good communicator, outgoing, knowledgeable, and professional. She is a nature enthusiast and exceptionally good when it comes to flora and fauna. She is not only an exceptional guide but an amazing driver who will make you feel at easy as you are being drove round the park.

Josephine’s interest in guiding developed through wildlife conservation club back in high school where she first learnt about wildlife and the importance of conserving wild animals. She further got inspired by her father who was the research manager while working as police officer with Zambia wildlife. She finished school through sponsorship from Wildlife conservation and managed to acquire a certificate in walking safari guide and became the first female guide in the valley.

She is our valuable asset and we are proud to call her our own in the guiding hierarchy.

Lameck Njobvu


Lameck is a professional grade 2 safari guide. He completed his secondary education in 2010 at Mambwe boarding school in the eastern part of Zambia.

His story to what led him into a guiding career is unbelievable. One day, as he was walking, he met 2 snakes male & female in what looked like a fight. When he asked his uncle who is a professional guide to explain what kind of interaction it would have been after he got home, he was told that actually the two snakes were not fighting but were mating. This experience made him to fall in love with nature and developed a strong desire to know more about the bush He then decided to go for a driving safari guide training at Nyamaluma training college in 2016 and graduated with a trade certificate in driving safari guide (G2). He has developed into a skilled and knowledgeable guide and has proved to be a very important figure among our guiding team.

Besides his guiding profession, he first joined as a Waiter and Barman. This simply entails that he is also skilled in making some of the best drinks during sundowners in the park.

Lameck is hospitable, a people’s person and always wears a bigger smile. Guiding is a career that he has found to be so giving as he loves to meet new people and share interesting stories about the behavior of wild animals and deep indigenous cultures.