Meet Our Guides

One of the biggest assets of any camp are its guides. A guide is equal parts; knowledge of mammals, birds, flora and fauna, knowledge of local culture and tradition, mechanic, and an entertainer who keeps guests comfortable, safe and learning.

Guides in South Luangwa are known as some of the best trained and most professional in Africa.

The Nsefu area is a part of the park that takes years to know well.

Our guides spend 6-8 hours each day with our guests. We feel happy that our guests are with such excellent professionals.

Julius Banda


I am Julias Banda born in 1976. I work as a professional safari guide level 1 at Zikomo safari in Luangwa National Park Eastern Zambia. I have worked as a safari guide  since  2009 with Robin Pope Safari until 30 July 2018.

Besides guiding I am a holder of Grade  Six Trade Test Certificate in Automotive  mechanics that I acquired from Chipata  skills training College.

In 2004 August,l joined Robin Pope Safari in the capacity of a workshop assistant under the supervision of Robin Pope himself and asked me, ” while working with this company Julias”, where do you want to be in the next 10 years ?It was such an encouraging question by Robin that  I didn’t hesitate Answering him I said “Safari guide Bwana ” It was there and then that he did not take long telling the wife Madam Jo Pope and asked me to drive her to the Airport as part of assessment how competent I would be in terms interaction and driving.

In 2009 March I was sent for a six weeks intensive  guiding study under Luangwa Safaris Association with Deb Tittle who is now the director of Mapazi Safari by then a teacher guide.

Any way to cut the story short I love nature and enjoy interacting with people of different origin ,all in all people  come in common view to see game.

Lameck Njobvu


I am Lameck Njobvu and I was born in 1989. I finished my grade 12 in 2010 at Mambwe boarding school part of eastern Zambia.

I developed my career as a guide in 2016 when I got inspired, on one successful day I was walking around midday on the middle of the road I found two snakes, a male and female fighting. I had thought so but when I got home I asked my uncle who is a professional guide about what I saw he told me they were actually mating not what I thought since then iI got inspired by him.

From 2017/18 I started my training as a driving safari guide level 2 (G2) from Nyamaluma training college and graduated with a trade certificate in driving safari guide (G2).  I am a driving safari guide at Zikomo safari camp and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting nature and wildlife that happens to be my everyday wakeup call in the morning.

Besides my guiding professional I have worked as a Waiter and Barman at Zikomo safari camp for the 2019 season.

Being a guide has given me the overwhelming experience to guide people with different professional and from different parts of the globe.