Zikomo Donates To The Community In The Fight Against COVID-19″

Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation sewing team of 7 ladies have started making face masks to give to the chief and people of NSEFU. So proud of them.

We thank team USA for funding this important project to start the making of these face masks.

Its law now in Zambia that you cannot use public transportation without a face mask, you cannot visit public places such as the banks and markets without a face mask.

It is a step forward for us as an organization.

Our women are now very competent and are able to do a lot of designs.

The ladies at NSEFU Wildlife are busy sewing masks for the community. If you have a job right now, you can make an order and pay by donation. This allows us to make more masks for those with no money, that we will just need to give the masks to. If you do not have money talk to Evans Graff or Steve Zulu about putting your name on their list of people we need to help.

We also bought loads of soap and brought it to NSEFU clinic to hand out and distributed lots of food during the floods. We are also doing a guns for food buyback. We figured if we give money the guys will use it to buy drinks but if they get food for the guns then their families will eat. The buckets and soap in the pictures are what NSEFU has bought to help in the fight against corona.

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