Our Bee-keeping Project

Nsefu Wildlife is proud to announce our beekeeping program is underway! We have teamed up with Bee Sweet Ltd for establishing beehives throughout Nsefu. Bee Sweet has donated over 900 hives to the program in addition to the original hives donated with funds raised by Bud’s Louisiana Cafe. These hives are in the process of being set up and the African Organization Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) has a successful history of assisting and supporting bee-keeping programs like ours. Not only that, locals are being taught how to construct hives themselves. COMACO has graciously offered to provide technical and honey marketing assistance. And with Nsefu Wildlife teaming up with Bee Sweet, they have agreed to purchase all our honey production which is outstanding for all.

Nsefu Wildlife and the community are extremely excited by our beekeeping programs and furthermore, many conservation programs we have planned can be financially supported by the beekeeping revenue generated by honey production and honey byproduct sales.

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