Power and Majesty – A moving book on Africa’s beloved Elephants

Larry began taking pictures at age 5 on a little camera he received for Christmas. Along the way, he developed his unique eye on the streets of San Francisco recording city life, and, later working as a photojournalist for an Oakland, California newspaper.

His career in the movie industry on both sides of the camera rounded out his preparation for what has become his life’s work, wildlife conservation, with a focus on saving the world’s remaining elephants. His images have appeared in conservation campaigns around the world, and hang on the walls in countless homes. In 2019, he published his first table-top photo book, Power and Majesty: The Plight and Preservation of the African Elephant, and currently he’s at work on a similar book about Asia’s endangered elephants.

In early 2021, Larry produced and directed a film about Yellowstone Park’s threatened buffalo, entitled Where Buffalo Roam,¬†that’s currently making the rounds of film festivals, and, he’s currently at work on a film about the tragic lives of elephants exploited in circuses.

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